Financial and Legal Interpretation


Our financial and legal translation and interpretation solutions are for those who are interested in financial and legal matters. Our esteemed Clients are from different segments of the market ranging from individuals to corporations. Professional interpretation requires extremely high professional preparation as the interpreter shall provide professional knowledge on the spur of the moment of the said interpretation. Professional interpretation may be performed online and on-site. In recent years we have gained long-term experience in interpretation in every part of the world. We have performed onsite interpretation for our Clients starting from official opening ceremonies or business negotiations to meetings covering legal, business and financial matters.



Interpreters establish a verbal connection between two parties speaking different languaes, while translators do the same in writing. A good translator or a good interpreter creates the impression that parties with different backgrounds speak the same language. The interpreter and the translator both must have near-native competence in the Client’s language in order to transmit the content properly.

Our experience proves that – thanks to our professional background in law, accounting and tax consultation – besides translation and interpretation, our clients usually request professional advice as well. It is our pleasure to help them with such advice and consultancy.

In line with the relevant legal provisions, the performance of certified translations and interpretations requires qualifications and professional experience.
As the members of our team comply with such requirements, it enables us to officially certify the translations and interpretations we issue.

The most relevant Hungarian legal regulations on professional translation and interpretation:

Act CXXX of 2016 on the Code of Civil Procedure (Pp.)
‘62§ [The need of translation in legal proceeding] In case of need of translation - unless otherwise specified in law, or in any legally binding documents of the European Union, or in international conventions - simple translation is applicable. In the event of doubt about the correctness, or completeness of the translated text certified translation is to be applied.‘

224/1986 (VI. 26.) MT Regulation on professional translation and interpretation
‘2.§ Upon employment or other employment-related relationship for renumeration professional translation and interpretation are both exclusively allowed to be performed by professional translators and interpreters holding qualifications of the relevant professional translation and interpretation. 6/A.§ In case of certified translation in relation to a certificate of incorporation, and data that has to be entered into company register, the certified translation concerning any of the official languages of the European Union is to be done – at the option of the company – solely by those who hold the official qualifications of a professional translator or professional translator-proofreader.‘

In practice, from the 1st of January 2018, it means that professional translators and interpreters holding the relevant qualifications are solely entitled to translate official documents and the documents of the civil procedure.

Professional translators specialized in law are entitled to perform certified translations.


  • on-site interpretation
    In case of on-site interpretation, the interpreter travels to the location of the interpretation to be physically present and all the parties are usually located in the same place.
  • online interpretation
    In case of online interpretation, the interpreter is not personally present at the location of the interpretation, but the interpreter is involved in the situation online.

  • consecutive interpretation
    Consecutive interpretation is suitable for meetings with fewer participants. The parties pause in a pattern in long or short segments and they wait until the interpreter summarizes and translates the spoken language.
  • simultaneous interpretation
    Simultaneous interpretation is appropriate for larger conferences and events. The performers continuously speak and the interpreter translates the spoken language sitting in a special sound-proof booth. It requires serious expertise.
  • whispered interpretation
    In case of whispered interpretation the interpreter stands next to the Client(s) and shares the spoken language directly with the Client(s).

For further information please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call + 36 30 205 4446.

Factors Influencing Prices

  • deadline
  • quantity
  • loyalty
  • language
  • location

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